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Don't Roll the Dice

Last year businesses faced:
  • $120 million in OSHA fines
  • Over 56,000 work related deaths (183 per day)
  • In excess of 13 million workplace injuries (36,000+ per day)
  • Expenditures of $177 billion in cost related to workplace injuries & deaths.
Identification and elimination of hazards that can cause injury, death and loss of profits, continue to be a critical issue that at times is quite difficult to control.

Our Pocket Digest of OSHA Standards and our Safety Workshops can help your organization identify and eliminate hazards before they cause problems.

Pocket Safety
Small enough to fit in your pocket...
...big enough to make a difference!

The "Pocket Digest of OSHA Standards" is a simple
quick reference quide that provides instant OSHA
Education to your safety team, including Managers,
Supervisors & Safety Committee Members.

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Safety Workshops
Safety success with less corporate stress!

OSC Training Group's 10 & 30 Hour Workshops and
our In-House Courses (designed specifically for you),
will educate Managers, Supervisors, Safety
Committee Members on how to minimize the potential
for work related injuries and deaths, decrease
workman's compensation claims and increase profits.

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